Basic principle of location selection of distributor stores:

1. The shops in rich areas can be more densely packed, and should be set up above the level of the rich town, but the premise of ensuring the reasonable profit of dealers is the premise;

2. General area control is above the prefecture-level city, the store address is in the commercial flourishing area or the mature professional market area;

3. The density of the building should be considered to share the publicity resources as much as possible and facilitate the distribution of goods;

4. When the local European decorative household bathroom brand is not well known, it is generally considered to be the site promotion campaign.

5. When the local shopping mall is the main store, it should consider the store or special cabinet in the floor of the developer;

6. When the dealer applies for the qualification of the store, he must have an in-depth analysis of the market of the local European decorative home sanitary ware.

The standard management of the distributor of European decorative sanitary ware:

1. Based on the implementation manual of the executive manual of the home bathroom, the terminal store will be operated in a unified image;

2. Carry out the internal and external decoration of the terminal in accordance with the VI specifications of the European decorative home bathroom terminal;

3. The company headquarters has the right to know about its business conditions;

4. Limited to sales of products of European decorative bathroom products;

5. Enjoy the special special products of European home bathroom dealers and enjoy regional protection and promotion support;

6. To enjoy a certain proportion of advertising and decoration subsidies according to the sales situation of the products sold by European decorative products;

7. It is required to purchase goods from the distribution center designated by the company's headquarters.

8. The distributor shall carry out the unified price for the purchase of goods from the whole country;

9. The retail price of European decorative sanitary products shall comply with the requirements of the highest and lowest retail price of the company's headquarters.

10. Responsible for the after-sales service and maintenance service of the products in the zone.